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Public Spending Facts promotes a better understanding of the expenditure and income of the United Kingdom Government.

We do not offer opinions about the merits, or otherwise, of government expenditure or the wider economic impacts of changes in expenditure. Rather, by making the underlying numbers easily accessible, we hope to enable others to contribute more effectively to such debates. All the information we use is taken from official government sources and fully referenced so that you can explore the source data if you wish.


Public Spending Facts presentations illustrate aspects of the public finances using simple PSF charts. These presentations can be downloaded from PSFstaff


Public Spending Facts charts illustrate and summarise key features of public expenditure. There are charts covering spending, revenue and the wider economy. If you would like to use copies of these charts please contact us.

The Databank

The Public Spending Facts Databank will help you explore government data for yourself. It combines information from a number of official sources including HM Treasury, HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for Work & Pensions. All information is presented in both graphical and tabular format. It is fully cross-referenced to the official sources of the data and contains relevant supporting notes.


From time to time we also publish articles discussing current issues in public spending.

Public Spending Facts is an independent web-site with no links to any Government body.

Any feedback that can help us improve Public Spending Facts will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to contact Public Spending Facts, you can do so by via the contact us page on this website.